Gain some tools and techniques for keeping control in an ever-changing environment. Learn about: 10 Ways to Become a More Confident Person 5 ways to help you eliminate your insecurities and elevate your confidence Methods to build and reinforce your successes, not ‘fall back’ into old habits A personal action plan to provide an immediate bump to your self-esteem

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • What defines and influences your self-esteem and self-image.
  • Steps to minimize these influences.
  • The importance of strong physical activities to build on your mental self-confidence.
  • How to Feel Fantastic with Yourself & Gain A New Level Of Self Awareness.
  • Communications methods to confidently Share Your Thoughts & Ideas.
  • Dealing with Nay-Sayers – those people who impact your self-worth
  • Understand Your Emotions Better.
  • Know Tricks To Becoming A More Attractive Person & Understand Why.

Why should you attend?

If you find yourself in stressful situations, this webinar is important for you. If you feel that lack of managing your emotions has impacted your life, this webinar is critical for you.

Who Will Benefit

Project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, and program managers.


On Demand

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Daniel Fay