Your success in business today is all based on relationships, productivity, and execution – which is only achieved by ridding the workplace of confusion, conflict and toxic people and imbedding a striking vision and culture of getting things done with and through your people. This ultimate competitive advantage for you and your company, starts with a stress-free workplace, where everyone looks forward to coming to work knowing that they are making a difference for their customers, and helping co-workers achieve higher working standards and levels of execution.  Business success is based on your employee’s intellectual capital and that is gathered though people intelligence. 

People intelligence: is leadership in knowing what matters to your people, what inspires them and how to continually motivate and support them.   

People intelligence: is knowing what drives your people and how to improve and sustain their drive and gains 

People intelligence: is bringing out the best in every person, and using that skill level to promote leadership, provide empowerment, accelerate creativity, and grow productivity.  

People intelligence: is all about knowing your people’s strengths, and then coaching them to improve on goal setting and performance standards.  

It is about dealing with what is wrong in the workplace in a timely and effective manner that will minimize the damage and stop it from re-occurring. It is speaking up, standing up, being persistent, and in search of excellence in yourself and others.  This webinar delivers the solutions you need to solve immediate problems. It is education along with reliable, meaningful, easy to understand and administer tests on loyalty and engagement 

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • How to set your organization's culture - if you don't get it right, nothing else matters 
  • Explore Emotional Intelligence – finding the strengths and weaknesses in everyone  
  • Establish systems to engage and measure productivity 
  • Adopt the strategies of top business leaders and their leadership traits  
  • Develop the missing link to business success - execution of the basics  
  • Learn how to successfully deal with difficult co-workers, peers and especially bosses 
  • Identify how to detox & neutralize a negative workplace of disagreeable, dysfunctional people 
  • Understand the 4 + most difficult types of people and how to approach and neutralize them 
  • Learn how to handle, turn around, and navigate, difficult conversations and negative behaviour that leads to harassment, bullying, gossip, confrontational and disruptive behaviour 
  • Take the 3 self-tests that provide you the measure of the essential attributes and behaviours that develop loyalty to you and retention to the organization 
  • Learn how to coach people for better behaviour and performance 


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