Some 40 % of all managers are due to retire from the workplace over the next 10 years.  The need to create the next generation of confident and competent management is critical and urgent.  But how.  Training is often ineffective, costly and time consuming.   Research suggests that approximately 70 % of training happens on the job.  This happens both formally and informally,

This workshop will explore the practical skills to turn a micromanaging   manager into a coach, one who is able to train, engage and delegate so that the team take more responsibility and accountability for their performance

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Why is coaching important?
  • Situational coaching
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Attributes of great coaches
  • Can everyone be coached?
  • Formal vs. informal coaching
  • Profile of a high potential
  • The art of giving feedback
  • Structuring a coaching meeting
  • The 3 critical coaching behaviors
  • The art of giving advice
  • Ensuring that plans are translated into action: the importance of documentation and followup

Why should you attend?

Participants will derive the following benefits from the webinar

  • Learn a structured approach to conduct effective coaching meetings
  • Improve performance by raising the expectation bar
  • Set challenging goals with your team
  • Use measurement to improve ownership and accountability
  • Recognize and reward people in new and innovative ways
  • Deal assertively with performance that fails to meet expectations
  • Know when and how to be a sounding board, facilitator or advisor
  • Learn the three secrets of giving advice effectively
  • Help people to solve their own problems

Who Will Benefit

  • All managers needing to improve the effectiveness of their direct reports


On Demand

Cy Charney, President of Charney and Associates Inc., is a leading Canadian consultant in the area of performance improvement. He works internationally providing consulting and training services to Know More

Cy Charney