Do you feel as though you’ve been thrown into the deep end of payroll without a rope?  This webinar will help.  State laws govern paycheck rules and may supersede Federal requirements. To understand the differences in these laws, the payroll professional needs a guide to payday rules and how they may vary from state to state.  This webinar will touch on such topics as final paychecks, requirements around vacation and sick pay, frequency of paychecks, late or missing pay, and legal deductions from pay.  We’ll cover what happens when wages are garnished, and which types of garnishments states allow.  We’ll also review how to determine which takes precedence, state or federal law. If you are a multi-state employer, or even if all your employees are in one state, these laws are important to any payroll professional.  To ensure that all employees are treated fairly, payroll teams need to be in the know about rules that affect payments to those employees.

Learning Objectives

  • Pay Frequency
  • Pay stub requirements
  • Direct deposit
  • Allowable Methods of Pay
  • Final Pay
  • Sick and Vacation Payout
  • Allowable deductions
  • Recovering paychecks
  • Aspects of minimum wage
  • State Tax Withholding Forms

Area Covered In The Webinar

The webinar covers items that are not covered by Federal Law but are governed by states and some states treat in-state employment differently than others.  Some topics include:

  • What is and is not covered under state laws for payment of employees; what is required under Federal law?
  • How are liens and garnishments handled in states?
  • Is sick pay mandatory? Is vacation pay required?
  • What about final pay for terminated employees – when is it due?
  • Can we mandate direct deposit for our employees?
  • Are deductions for theft allowed from employee paychecks?
  • How is multi-state taxation treated by each state?  
  • When is the employee liability incurred?

Why should you attend?

Are you new to payroll processing?  Or have you recently been promoted to a new position with more responsibilities?  Are you up to date on all the rules for paychecks issued in your state?  Do you know the requirements for employee salary payments in all your US locations?  How do you handle final pay for a separated employee?  Do you offer direct deposit – can you require direct deposit for your employees?  What items must appear on employee pay stubs?  Are there different rules for each state where you have employees?  For answers to these and other questions, take this webinar and receive valuable information that will help you be compliant in all states where you have employees.

Who Will Benefit

  • Payroll Associates
  • Payroll supervisors and managers
  • HR professionals that work with employee compensation or benefits


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