Learn to make effective decisions and solve problems using critical thinking and simple, practical tools. You make decisions and solve problems every day. Learn how to apply critical thinking techniques to these activities. Every organization must be nimble when solving new and recurring challenges; and everyone within the organization must be able to use critical thinking and creative problem solving to take action on these challenges. Avoid the tendency to start solving a problem before it is clearly defined. Admit to poor decisions and take corrective action, even if it's tough.

Learning Objectives

  • Solve problems and make effective decisions using critical thinking and simple, practical tools
  • Increase decision accuracy even when information is limited
  • Minimize poor decisions; neutralize the effects of stress, emotions, and distractions on decisions
  • Use simple tools to enhance decision making and problem solving
  • Use critical thinking to challenge all assumptions and seek alternative information

Area Covered In The Webinar

What are Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving?

  • Strengths and Challenges when analyzing and solving problems
  • Relationships among planning, critical thinking, and creative problem solving
  • Role of critical thinking in meeting business challenges
  • Prioritize issues for greatest decision-making effectiveness and efficiency

Integrate art and science of critical thinking and creative problem solving

  • Role of values and facts in decision making
  • Challenge "knowledge," beliefs, "facts," assumptions, and conventional wisdom
  • Methods to explore alternatives, ask probing questions, and stimulate thinking
  • Convert negativity into curiosity

Creative problem solving; use whole-brain, critical-thinking Clarity to solve a real issue

  • Define the goal and constraints to achieve objectives
  • Discover "blind spots" and hidden assumptions
  • Define measurement of success
  • Develop solution options and plan
  • Make the decision with confidence and test decisions

Why should you attend?

In today's face-paced work environment, decisions and requests for action are bombarding you constantly. If you make these decisions in "firefighting" reactionary mode, you are more likely to make mistakes. Being proactive and thinking critical dramatically increase the chance you will make an excellent decision and take the action to get the best results.

Who Will Benefit

  • CEO'S
  • Company Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone in a supervisory position
  • Payroll Administrators / Managers
  • All Employees
  • Departmental Managers
  • Executives
  • Supervisors
  • Project managers
  • Leaders in any capacity


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