Much confusion exists about the meaning of talent and talent development. This session will define talent and talent development, discuss traditional concepts such as the so-called 70-20-10 rule and then go on to describe what is likely to be the future of talent development. How can “talent” be developed?

Talent can refer to job performance, promotion potential, both job performance and promotion potential, personal gifts or strengths, specialized knowledged, specialized social relationships and much more. How talent is defined affects the shape of talent development. The keyword, then, is talent. But few organizations develop talented workers effectively to qualify for their jobs, remain current in their jobs as job conditions change, and prepare for more or different responsibility. This seminar will clarify talent development and point the way toward the future of talent development.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Definitions
  • Distinguishing talent development from workforce development, talent management, and related terms
  • Conceptual approaches to guide systematic talent development
  • List of trends affecting talent development
  • How trends will affect talent development and thus shape the future of talent development
  • Review common mistakes made in talent development and how to avoid them

Why should you attend?

  • Reach a clear understanding on definitions of important terms
  • Distinguish talent development from workforce development and employee development
  • Learn conceptual models to guide the systematic development of talent
  • Consider a list of business trends and how they will affect the future of talent development
  • Review common mistakes made in talent development and learn how to avoid them

Who Will Benefit

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Human resource vice presidents, directors and managers
  • Training directors and their equivalents
  • Talent management directors and their equivalents
  • Operating managers in all departments


On Demand

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLP Fellow is President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc., a full-service consulting company that specializes in succession planning. He is also a Professo Know More

William J. Rothwell