Each participant in the ACH Network is required to be in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules. This session will provide the details on the recently approved amendments on enhancing Same Day ACH (SDA) by expanding Same Day ACH and raising the dollar limit on SDA transactions (effective in 2019 and 2020).

In addition, other approved Rules Changes based on recent proposals by NACHA (National ACH Association) and how this could affect you as a participant in the ACH Network. This is a definitely must-attend session to hear about what's new in the Rules space and the impacts based on the new Rules changes that affect you as a financial institution or even as a TPS (Third-Party Sender) or a TPSP (Third Party Service Provider).

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the additional ACH window added to send Same Day ACH Entries and how this will affect the participants in the ACH network
  • Outline the effects in the network when implementing the change to increasing the dollar amount for a single SDA Entry from $25,000 to $100,000
  • Identify how the annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit is changing drastically and what your next steps will be to help design and perform your annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit in 2019 (the change becomes effective January 1, 2019)
  • Summarize the approved changes to the Rules on improving ACH Quality and other related Risk Management topics
  • Review the changes to the fraud detection standards for originating WEB debit Entries
  • Illustrate how information security requirements for large Originators and Third-Parties is changing and what this means going forward

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Define the recently approved amendments to the Rules on Expanding Same day ACH and how these changes will affect you as a financial institution
  • Provide specifics on the changes to the annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit and Appendix 8
  • Describe the potential impact on participants in the ACH network with approved changes to other ACH Risk Management topics such as:
  • Supplementing the fraud detection standard for Internet-initiated (WEB) debits
  • Allowing RDFIs to indicate within a return that the original transaction was questionable or part of anomalous activity
  • Supplementing the existing account information security requirements for large Originators and Third-Parties
  • Other "minor Rules topics" changes and what this means to you as a participant in the network

Why should you attend?

NACHA has announced a new approved Rule on expanding ACH and enhancing Same Day ACH processes regarding Same Day ACH Functionality.

Changes that will affect the Annual ACH Rules Compliance Audit and Appendix 8; including other related topics on ACH Quality and Risk Management such as supplementing Data Security requirements and Fraud Detection standards for WEB debits.

Details on how an RDFI can return a questionable item and other minor Rules topics will be discussed.

Who Will Benefit

  • ACH operations staff, compliance staff, ACH Auditors
  • Financial Institution professionals (new/current operations staff)
  • Banking Operations managers and staff
  • Compliance and Risk professionals
  • Treasury Management professionals
  • Aspiring and current AAP's (Accredited ACH Professionals)
  • Company / Business Owners (Originators)
  • Banking Managers/ Supervisors
  • Third-Party Service Providers and Third-Party Senders
  • Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers


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