Coronavirus has impacted every workforce… and HR finds itself in the middle of it all. This program is designed to help the HR practitioner be a leader, while maintaining their sanity.

Coronavirus has hit the fan! Companies, owners, employees, and HrR practitioners are reeling from the impact of Coronavirus…and it’s not going away any time soon. There are legal responsibilities and financial ones. Your job may even be on the line. How do we survive this? How do we get a sense of security and togetherness?

Don advises you to navigate through this unexplored territory with Responsibility and Grace. 

This is a message Don has already delivered to thousands of executives fighting this battle for survival. You will greatly benefit from being on this program!

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • The difference between being responsible for and to people.
  • What needs to be done.
  • Why trying to control everything won’t work.
  • Be clear. Very clear. How to do that.
  • Acknowledging victimology, including our own.
  • The 40/ /40 Solution
  • Coax, encourage, and inspire yourself and others.

Why should you attend?

These are challenging times, and it is more important than ever to step up as an HR leader. Even if you never thought of yourself as a leader before!

There are certain things you have to do in a crisis, but equally important is that you “show up” right while doing them. You want to be a non-anxious presence in a hyper-anxious world. 

In this presentation, Don will give you a powerful understanding of how HR can help bring order to the chaos.

Who Will Benefit

  • Any Leader or Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Human Resources Partner
  • Human Resource Consultant


On Demand

Don Phin is a California attorney, strategist, and coach. He has done workshops for more than 6000 CEO’s about HR practices and emotional intelligence. Don was the founder and President of HR That W Know More

Don Phin