For the first time in our history we are dealing with a public health crisis that have a major impact on our businesses from how we work,  how we manage our employees, how we grow our businesses and our bottom line.  It is imperative now that organizations leverage technology to continue and grow their business. The old way of hiring has been disrupted and many organizations are looking at innovative ways to continue the hiring and onboarding process.

Learning Objectives

This webinar will provide tools and techniques to recruit, hire and onboard virtually. You will learn how to recruit and hire during the coronavirus outbreak and virtual onboarding best practices.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • How to move from face to face interviewing to virtual recruitment strategies
  • What technology is needed to successfully hire and onboard new employees virtually
  • The pro and cons of hiring and onboarding virtually
  • Identify what is needed to ensure the process is successful
  • How to identify and select employees who have an entrepreneurial mindset to work independently
  • How to build a team to help facilitate the virtual employee onboarding process
  • How to create a positive virtual onboarding and the new hire experience
  • Virtual onboarding best practices and how to keep employees engaged

Why should you attend?

This webinar will provide strategies to leverage technology for the hiring and onboarding process. Many organizations have realized that technology helps employers save more time and reach a broader candidate pool. Attend this webinar to learn virtual recruitment strategies and how to successfully onboard new employees virtually.

Who Will Benefit

  • HR
  • Hiring Managers
  • Office Manager


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