In this Webinar, learn about methods to keep project management simple and stupid (KISS), through collaboration and cooperation, by establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) capability. A PMO is a great way for creating consistency in projects, sharing best practices, and keeping PMs up to date on the tools and techniques needed for effective project management.

Learning Objectives

  • PMO Overview
  • Establish a PMO – The Need and Business Case
  • Creating the PMO – Roles and Responsibilities
  • PMO Areas of Influence
  • Why PMOs Fail
  • Creating a PMO Action Plan

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • The value and advantages a PMO can have for an organization
  • Steps required to establish and implement a PMO in a way that is beneficial for the organization over time
  • Trends of PMO value production and reasons for these trends
  • Techniques to revitalize and improve the performance of an existing PMO that has fallen short of delivering the intended value for the organization
  • Different views of the role of the PMO and how to define an applicable role based on the organizational environment
  • Models and ways for the PMO to define success and produce value for all stakeholders
  • Importance of periodic evaluations of projects, processes, and competency to provide an objective view of expectations and performance

Why should you attend?

  • PMO sponsors
  • Project sponsors
  • Someone who has the mandate for a PMO or wants a PMO to exist
  • Someone who runs the PMO
  • Program managers
  • Project managers who need to understand how they support and get support from the PMO
  • Someone actively involved in operating or establishing a PMO

Who Will Benefit

  • HR
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Executive Assistants
  • Office Managers
  • Other "non-project managers"
  • Supervisors
  • Small Business Owners


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