Accountability, with engagement, equals profitability. When everyone gets that they are the customer/patient experience, no matter what their function or degree of contact with the client is, they will connect at an accelerated level that will differentiate you from your competition.

This fast-paced session will show you how to fully engage, influence and empower your front-line staff on how to successfully improve the customer experience. When you have total staff engagement, accountability and creativity go up, and referrals follow. Staff satisfaction, the engagement measure to individual productivity that leads to profitability, increases. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer retention. Accountability, with engagement, equals profitability.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the five levels of engagement, where everyone stacks up in loyalty to their organization and coworkers, and how each level affects the other four
  • Apply the 3 cornerstones that make up a culture of engagement and understand the main reasons your good employees leave - and how to keep the good ones
  • Want to adopt the 4 imperatives to ‘K.E.E.P.’ your employees and grow their capabilities
  • Participate by answering “The 5 Question Survey” that identifies the holes in your leadership team that applies to customer/client/patient satisfaction, and that needs to be shared with everyone

Why should you attend?

Participants will learn how to design and implement the single most powerful best practice that will motivate employees to go the extra mile, especially in dealing with customer problems and complaints. They will learn systematic retention process for engaging 20% of their staff to influence the remaining 80%, called "K.E.E.P." and learn about the 10 attributes of high-performance teams and how to apply them in a step-by-step way. This is about how to achieve a “tipping point” to gain buy-in and ownership from a critical mass of leaders and staff and how to unleash the power of enthusiastic, empowered front-line staff by successfully recruiting and engaging the best-of-your-best staff to teach a custom designed service excellence workshop. Customer satisfaction and referrals will go up.

Who Will Benefit

Everyone involved in improving the customer/patient experience through a very effective staff engagement process. That would include CEO’s, CNO’s, HR and Customer Service Supervisors/Managers.


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