Just over one in ten adults will experience Depression at some point in their life, and often will do so in silence. With COVID-19, these numbers are increasing. Individuals experiencing Depression often feel distant from colleagues, friends and loved ones, and find it difficult to reach out for support, especially in times of crisis. As a leader, how do you help your employees who may be feeling sad, withdrawn, and hopeless?

Area Covered In The Webinar

    Key Messages:

  • There is a mental health continuum that we all move along, and it is dynamic as we experience stress, challenge, and crisis.
  • It is normal to feel sadness and the blues during crisis, but when that low mood or energy begins to take control and prevent performing normal activities, it becomes a serious mental health issue.
  • Successful leaders recognize the depression indicators and look for ways to protect the psychological health of their employees, while those leaders who ignore these psychological health needs, will struggle to be productive, service their customers, and be competitive.

  • Participants Will:

  • Increase your knowledge of the signs and symptoms of the blues and Depression in order to recognize the early warning signs of someone that may be at risk
  • Improve comfort in addressing depression issues in the workplace using a Supportive Conversations Action Plan in order to effectively encourage support and help
  • Validate and direct those experiencing Depression to helpful resources in order to minimize the negative impact that this illness can have on the individual, their family, and their livelihood.

Why should you attend?

With just over one in ten adults experiencing Depression, at some point in their life, we are seeing that this crisis is making it even more difficult for many of our employees to effectively carry on. For those that are coping with the blues and Depression, you will see their productivity decrease and they will fail to positively engage in their job, which can in return make them even more depressed. Successful leaders are able to recognize when the normal blues due to uncertainty and crisis, has escalated into a potential mental health issue. Discover the subtleties around mood, blues, and Depression and learn how to utilize the A-L-E-C model for providing needed support and understanding.


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