In today’s dynamic world where we must re-evaluate long-standing beliefs, behaviors, and institutions, companies need to continue moving forward with attracting talent, developing their workforce, forming productive teams, maximizing innovation, and tackling internal and external challenges.

Key approaches in this endeavor include maximizing thoughtful awareness and deepening understanding of beliefs and tendencies that occur below the surface level of individual awareness. In other words, astute organizations realize that a holistic diversity and inclusion program must include information, explanations, and directions toward addressing unconscious biases and microaggressions.

Also known as implicit bias, unconscious bias describes how learned generalizations can influence workplace decisions. This session will include suggestions to help individuals reach a higher level of awareness so they are better able to make purposeful decisions and take action in more positive intentional ways.

Often, we don’t realize that implicit biases can sometimes result in microaggressions. In this course, we will demonstrate how subtle or unintentional comments and actions towards others can have a negative impact not just on individuals but on the overall culture of an organization, too.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Define implicit bias and describe why it exists in all of us.
  • Understand how implicit bias can have benefits as well as drawbacks.
  • Recognize examples of implicit bias in both yourself and in others.
  • How to thoughtfully and respectfully address implicit bias in others.
  • Define microaggressions and provide examples.
  • Explore ways to integrate purposeful and intentional actions toward reducing implicit bias on an organization-wide basis.
  • Review the details of the Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping” Executive Order (EO) 13950, effective in September 2020 for government contractors.

Why should you attend?

This session will explain how businesses can improve their teamwork and collaboration by improving thoughtful awareness and action around diversity and inclusion. Specifically, it will describe what unconscious bias is, how biases can influence workplace decisions, and provide suggestions to help individuals reach higher levels of awareness. In doing so, attendees will be better able to prevent and curb unintended harmful actions resulting from personal biases. On a collective level, this workshop will help organizations to coordinate more awareness and focused action to improve their organizational culture.

Who Will Benefit

  • C-level Executive leaders
  • Directors / Managers / Supervisors
  • Human Resources professionals – all levels
  • Diversity and Inclusion leaders


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