By Attending this Webinar, you learn how to

  • Assess the situation, your new normal
  • Understand the personalities involved
  • Create options for success, and
  • Adapt your leadership approach

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • A way to understand your interpersonal perception, how do you see yourself
  • An understanding of what others see
  • Personality Styles that impact the situation
  • Support roles that every leader needs to be able to assume
  • An assessment on your adaptable leadership capability

Why should you attend?

Every situation is unique, the pandemic is something we did not see coming. If you are having challenges with your leadership style in the new normal, this webinar provides some important considerations and techniques for effectively adjusting your leadership approach.

Who Will Benefit

Everybody has situations that are stressful, no matter how many times we do something, we do not get the results we are looking for. Many times, the answer is easy – change our approach, adapt our leadership style, think outside the box. This webinar provides some ideas and guidance to make that happen. Any manager or leader who is responsible for leading and influencing others can benefit from this program. It is especially useful to leaders who must deal with different teams and personalities daily and are having challenges.


On Demand

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