If your organization does nothing to reduce turnover and thereby improve retention, it is quite likely that turnover will get worse! Your organization must take proactive steps to address turnover. And those actions need to be more effective than merely raising salaries or improving management’s interpersonal skills, both popular approaches to cut turnover rates. Did you know some common facts and figures about turnover? Consider: (1) absenteeism is a leading indicator of turnover; (2) engagement surveys can be used to predict turnover rates with great accuracy as much as a year in advance; (3) exit interviews are deeply flawed as they are commonly used and often yield deceptive results; (4) the last people hired are the first people to leave; and (5) how people are treated during their recruitment, selection, and onboarding stages affects their stay-or-leave decisions later

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • What is turnover, and what are the types of turnover?
  • What roles should be played by HR and by operating/line managers in cutting turnover?
  • How can turnover be slashed?

Why should you attend?

You should attend this workshop to hear what to do to cut avoidable turnover of good or even top performers while letting the bad performers go.

Who Will Benefit

  • HR Practitioners
  • Operating Managers
  • Front-line Supervisors
  • HR Managers


On Demand

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLP Fellow is President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc., a full-service consulting company that specializes in succession planning. He is also a Professo Know More

William J. Rothwell