Learn the 5 components of Emotional Intelligence and the hallmarks of an emotionally intelligent person. The discussion will provide people a better perspective on teams and how to manage various situations. This webinar also includes the 5 Leader Models that can be used by leaders and project managers to get better results.

Learning Objectives

The presentation covers these specific topics which will enhance leaders and managers style:

  • What Emotional Intelligence is Not
  • Emotional Intelligence - A Definition
  • Five Components of Emotional Intelligence from Daniel Golman
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership Models from Golman book, Primal Leadership”
  • Learn what the hallmarks are of an emotionally intelligent person and it will benefit your leadership, your hiring, and your promoting of employees

Why should you attend?

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence can help everyone in an organization to collaborate and communicate more effectively
  • Hiring managers pick the better employees
  • Leaders manage a “diverse” set of employees
  • Leaders and employees can effectively manage up

Who Will Benefit

  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Sales Reps
  • CEOs
  • Business Executives
  • Sales Reps
  • CEOs
  • Business Executives
  • HR Managers
  • Hiring Managers
  • Business Executives


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