HR as a System:: Are you in HR or At HR webinar confronts a dilemma faced by HR professionals each and every day. Your CEO demands that you speak the language of business in order to get a seat at the table. The HR professional is stuck in the transactional mode that HR has been in since its beginning as personnel. Over the 60 minutes duration of the webinar, we explore the nature of the dilemma and the nature of HR as a transaction and the nature of HR as a system. The webinar continues by looking at the definition of a system and the characteristics of the various elements of the system structure. For those willing to take the journey, the webinar concludes with five strategies to transform your organization’s HR function to a strategic HR system.

Learning Objectives

  • Components and definition of a System
  • Transactional HR vs Strategic HR
  • Nature of a Socio-Technical System
  • The HR supply chain
  • SIPOC Form usage
  • Maximizing the Use of Subject Matter Experts
  • Creation of HR Centers of Excellence
  • Continuous Daily Process Improvement
  • Development of Cross-Functional Teams
  • Organizational alignment

Why should you attend?

Let me begin with a few questions:

  • Is the HR function in your organization a process or a system?
  • Are you at your business or are you in your business?
  • Are you demanding a seat at the table but you ae not there?
  • Are you an integral part of your entire organization?

If you unsure of how to answer these questions, then you are in the right place. Our speaker today is the Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. HR Strategists and he understands this battle between about HR as a transactional function and HR as a strategic partner who can speak the language of business. This webinar will show you the process of resolving the conflict and how to create yur organizational HR System. As the change maestro, he has helped organizations worked from the SME’s of the world to members of the Fortune 1000 to design evidence-based solutions to corporate challenges empowering organizational change in the areas of HR strategy, talent management, and process

Who Will Benefit

  • Empowerment
  • HR
  • Socio-Technical System
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Organizational Systems
  • Processes
  • Center of Excellence
  • Subject Matter Experts


On Demand

Daniel T. Bloom SPHR, SSBB, SCRP is a well respected author, speaker and human resource strategist, who during his career has worked with the Fortune 1000, Small to Medium Size Enterprises and State. Know More

Daniel T. Bloom