Non- Financial professionals need the skills and tools to analyse financial statements in the management control and application of resources for which they are responsible. There are several myths about accounting that must be overcome to gain a basic knowledge of accounting and how transactions are transformed into statements. These myths are converted to meaning. Doubt and uncertainty about accounting are removed with simple to understand and apply tools and techniques.

Three related Finance & Accounting topics are presented in this Webinar:

Making of Financial Statements:
– Transforming transactions to statements
– Interactive exercises to illustrate accounting process
– Overview of entire accounting process in simple to understand steps

Understanding & Analysing Financial Statements
– Overview of three required financial statement
– Key positive elements & red flags
– Using statements as the basis for key business decisions

Key Business Ratios as the road to profits & productivity
– Five categories of essential ratios
– Calculating ratios from their financial statement source
– Understanding how to use ratios to make key financial decisions

These three separate sessions are combined into one 90 minute webinar of composite tools & techniques to provide a comprehensive understanding of finance & accounting in simple to understand and apply tools & techniques.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • The overall connection of financial transactions to required statements of Balance Sheet,Income Statement,Cash Flow Statement
  • The basic framework of finance and accounting and the concepts and principles used to transform transactions
  • Components of each financial statement using sample statements
  • Six Generic type of transactions in every company
  • Simple comparison of business to personal financial statements
  • Simple meaning of finance and accounting
  • Simple meaning of cash vs. accrual accounting
  • Simple explanation of debits and credits with actual exercises to illustrate their application in transforming transactions to statements
  • Simple examples of accounts and how transactions are recorded using debits and credits with actual attendee exercises and sample transactions
  • Simple explanation of double entry accounting and why it is key to the process of accounting accuracy
  • Key tools to understand and analyse financial statements
  • Tools & techniques to understand key financial ratios and how to use them in making key business decisions
  • This is a key composite course of all essential elements of finance & accounting primarily for non-financial professionals.
  • It is a great refreshed for financial professionals
  • Overall you will lean in simple to understand and apply tools and techniques how business financial transactions are transformed to financial statements.

Why should you attend?

  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Business Managers
  • Resource Manages
  • Sales Personnel
  • Operations Managers
  • Finance Associates & Managers
  • All Non-Financial Professionals responsible for managing resources

This Webinar is primarily designed for all Non-Financial Professionals who have the management and control of resources. Financial professionals can also benefit as a refresher.Primary focus is on Non-Financial Professionals. It is Accounting 101 made simple!!


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