Understand what really motivates employees - and then support it. Identify the 5 fundamental qualities of leadership that inspire, motivate and support a vibrant workforce. Know the top two causes of employee turnover and how to eliminate them. See just how important these soft skills of recognition, appreciation, and an ability to set high expectations are in getting employees fully engaged. Introduce a greater level of personal growth and individual acknowledgment. Create an improved sense of ownership to company goals, identify and adopt what motivates people at work to perform at their best. Learn to take charge of your daily performance by going from being reactive to being proactive. Develop a “Take Charge” attitude of your career, by bringing out and enhance everyone’s talents and strengths. Improve working relationships and productivity. Generate an attitude of employee enthusiasm. Create an awareness of the importance of client perception of “quality”. The bottom line: any staff and clients who don’t get any tangible encouragement and recognition from you, become someone else’s employee and customer.

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” - Anne Frank

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Learn the power behind Enthusiasm and the 10 Steps to becoming enthusiastic
  • See how to take charge of  your influence, power and why it is an attitude that matters
  • Adopt the three ways to develop your personal power and how to deliver “The Greatest Management Principle” that retains and empowers employees
  • Understand how to "" in order to inspire and grow people
  • Set high expectations - Appreciation is key - Making a difference
  • Learn how to make a commitment to excellence
  • Hear the story of the value of first impressions and a smile!
  • Check out the 10 Techniques to Empower and Motivate
  • Take the test on self-perception and professional  success attributes

Why should you attend?

This is an inspired look at how to put the power of attitude and excellence to work for you that will accelerate your professional career, improve your personal life and speed your journey to excellence. This session identifies exactly what it is that separates the average employee from the superstar. You will learn the traits, skills, habits, and behaviors that motivate anyone you work with, to a higher level of contribution and subsequent success. It is impression management, awareness of the image you are presenting to others. A benefit to this, done consistently, will increase personal productivity by up to 40%, improve client retention, and develop a long term, desirable reputation. These career-building strategies will help you identify, develop, and grow employees' present and potential strengths. Desired high achievement is created by recognition, a fun attitude, and by how people are communicated to, and supported. Productivity, accountability, creativity, and morale will improve! This is how you use your influence, behavior, and performance over heavy-handed authority.

“You can always become the person you would have liked to be.” - Napoleon Hill


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