Trust is your key to opening the doors of opportunity for you. Trust is created by everything we do and say. Our reputation and careers are built on it. The big question to ask yourself is: Are you trustworthy?

Discover the real power behind Trust that accelerates engagement, fosters productivity and supports your company’s community reputation. Trust is everything in the business world today. It is all about character and integrity and is the intangible asset that is critical to your short and long term success with your workforce and to your client.

Trust is honesty, transparency, effective communication, and consistency, doing the right thing, every time, with everyone. Trust is hard to build but easy to lose. Trust is an all-important ingredient to lifetime success. Trust motivates, encourages, engages, and supports. When someone gives you their trust, it is a hard-earned bonus to a relationship. “Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller with every mistake.”

This webinar will show you practical, real-life examples of the power of trust that can advance your career and fast track the development of the people you work with, manage, or supervise. This will show you how well you perform your job, promote your company, and how you can ultimately make it easier to sell your company's products or services. It illustrates how trust will help you create a competitive edge over anyone else.

This is how to build up and maintain the power behind an engaged and empowered workforce. Everyone will receive a complimentary e-book copy of Bruce’s book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the most significant reasons employees leave and the impact that has on the rest
  • Understand the impact that trust or the lack of trust, has on people and your organizations
  • success
  • Embrace the three keys ideas to improving productivity, retention, and morale known as S.A.M.
  • Discover the real power of TRUST that drives profitability
  • Understand what great managers know that average managers do not when it comes to employee development
  • Identify how to implement the Situational Leadership Model with new employees to move them to confidence and empowerment
  • BONUS: Utilize the three self-tests that drive up and support trust, retention, and loyalty
  • BONUS: Get to know what empowers you at work and even more importantly - that of your employees. These 4 resources will change how you look at engagement forever! I challenge you to complete three and let me know the impact of them

Why should you attend?

  • This workshop is proven, practical and performance-based. It is about engagement, leadership, empowerment, and growth. The value of this webinar will go to your bottom line.

Who Will Benefit

  • This is perfect for those who want to really understand what motives and inspires people


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