The two critical factors in the success of project improvement is the understanding of what constitutes a project and the construction of a cross-functional team. During this webinar, the participant is shown the development of teams and the roles and responsibilities of each team member. With the understanding about how teams operate the focus turns to the dynamics of improvement including a checklist of how to select a project

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Team Essentials
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Essentials
  • Project Charter
  • Project Selection
  • Project Maps

Why should you attend?

Joseph Juran tells us that all improvement happens from project to project and in no other way. For you to contribute to the project effort you need to be able to understand what a team is and what a project constitutes. During this 1 hour presentation, we will walk you through an understanding of what constitutes a team and then looking at the various aspects of projects including how to select a project that meets the needs of your customers.

Who Will Benefit

  • C-Level executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Stakeholders
  • Front-Line Employees
  • Cross-Functional Teams


On Demand

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