Within the reasons why spreadsheets, in financial institutions, contain more errors and misleading results than could be wished, the floppy use of financial functions is often underestimated. We hereby explain in detail financial functions, from A like ACCRINT to Z like Z.TEST.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Financial functions at last count, versioning, and life cycle
  • Designing spreadsheets: synthetic functions vs. trackable design
  • The key to finance, provided by Mr. Euler
  • Establishing tests and controls within spreadsheets
  • Common-sense testing vs. tedious testing
  • Amortization functions
  • Simple and compound interest functions
  • Fixed-income functions
  • Discrete vs. continuous-time finance
  • Embedding uncertainty factors

Why should you attend?

Let us face it, financial institutions are addicted to spreadsheets, as unreliable as they may be. Among the results, we often have to inherit spreadsheets with scant explanations, ill-used formulae, and little if any in the way of embedded safety. Yet, a thorough knowledge of how to finance mathematics is applied within routine formulae, together with a few principles of spreadsheet design, which goes a long way towards a level of confidence in spreadsheets.

We go through the (long) list of financial functions within Excel and suggest a few safety reinforcement devices that can be embedded, at small cost and maintenance, within spreadsheets. We highlight a few techniques that can make spreadsheets readable and understandable by trainees, managers, and analysts.

We go through the analytics of fixed-income common products and tools, with recommendations about embedding uncertainties and risks within spreadsheets. We contend that spreadsheets can be used and embedded within banking processes, under a few conditions.

Who Will Benefit

Risk Managers


On Demand

Fred Vacelet is a Financial Risk Management Consultant with an international expertise in Risk Management methodological frameworks. His experience spans some 25 years, advising banks, software house Know More

Fred Vacelet