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Based on the book with the same title, the session looks at the two view of the world  that exists in all organizations. On one hand we see the problems but don’t give them too much credence. On the other hand we have those within the organization who not only see the problems but feel the impact of the problem on both the organization and your customers. The webinar looks at the final step which is to create a new normal in your corporate culture that sees and feels the problems and makes the required changes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of the TLS Continuum Empowerment Model
  • Understanding the difference between a classical organization and an empowered organization
  • Understanding the needs of human capital assets to gain ownership of the processes
  • Understanding the role of an empowered cross-functional team in your organization
  • Understand the role of management, teams and individuals in an empowered organization
  • Understand the correlation between engagement and empowerment
  • Understand the role of empowerment in change management

Area Covered In The Webinar

  •  Mirror vs. Window in your organization
  •  Perception versus Reality
  •  Creating the New Normal
  •  Solution Strategies
  •  What the Future Holds

Why should you attend?

HR is a tough environment. You are expected to be the corporate fireman and the gatekeeper to talent selection. Your upper management more frequently are demanding evidence-based analytics to show you are contributing to the organization. You are the key to the success of the talent management and acquisition of strong talent for your organization. You are responsible for providing the organization with the proper key performance indicators to show that the organization is in alignment with their mission, values and goals. You are also responsible for ensuring that supervisors and managers as well as rank and file employees understand the corporate policies and procedures. You have the responsibility to ensure that these processes are applied consistently and correctly. You have the responsibility to learn the language of business so that you can communicate with the management of your organization in their space rather than yours.

Part of that language is to understand the steps in sustainable process improvement. This includes the development of models that can be used to improve the organization using repeatable processes.

Part of that effort is to create centers of excellence in which resides examples of successful process efforts. This webinar shows the path to creating these centres.

Who Will Benefit

  •  HR Generalist
  •  HR Supervisor
  •  HR Manager
  •  HR Director
  •  Chief Human Resource Officer
  •  VP of Human resources
  •  Talent Acquisition professionals
  •  Talent Acquisition Management
  •  Chief Financial Officer
  •  Chief Executive Officer
  •  Front line employees


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