This program will examine the legal issues surrounding the COVID vaccine, both as to what’s happening now and what is likely to occur in the near future.  If you are trying to decide whether to mandate the vaccine and how to handle masking issues, you need to attend this program.

Area Covered In The Webinar

The law on masking and vaccinations, including:

  • The ADA
  • EEOC guidance on COVID vaccinations 
  • EEOC guidance on communicating with employees about the vaccination and masking
  • Caselaw on mandatory vaccinations 
  • Legal compliance issues on masking
  • Options to mandatory vaccination policies

Best practices on:

  • Mandatory vaccination policies and procedures
  • Non-mandatory vaccination policies and procedures
  • Masking policies and procedures
  • Other health and safety policies for the workplace

Why should you attend?

Any employer who is dealing with COVID vaccination and/or masking issues


On Demand

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