This webinar will cover the six stages of raising awareness, implementing and measuring a successful workplace diversity program: Unmindfulness, Problematic - events occur (or don't occur), Awareness - something needs to change, Solve - what needs to change, Impact - are we experiencing the change we wanted, Mindfulness - being aware of our responsibilities and being accountable is second nature.

Learning Objectives

Today's employees have a heightened awareness and less tolerance for any lack of tolerance regarding diversity. Today's employees expect to be able to bring their authentic self to work, and speak up promptly, and expect their companies to take action when working in a workplace not respectful of diversity. Diversity programs just as any other workplace program go through stages. Creating awareness, creating new models, and changing the way people think is not something that can be changed immediately, accomplished through a training class or even made compulsory as with some programs.

When such efforts are involuntary enforced, the time has shown that heavy-handed efforts often cause company efforts to backfire, and people to shut down, with the result that people actually respect and value each other less. More effective are methods that emphasize tolerance to create a way of working that is fair, thereby leading people to open their minds to a different way of communicating and seeing value in each other, further opening the opportunity for respect and inclusivity. Attend the webinar to understand the various steps to create a diversity program, learn how to implement pro-actively, and measure for success.

Why should you attend?

  • Meeting employee expectations regarding diversity
  • What is a diversity program - its elements defined
  • What the six stages of a diversity program entail doing
  • The role of diversity training today - what training needs to include
  • How managers are the front line in implementing diversity appreciation - setting management expectations
  • Educating and enabling managers in their responsibilities to prevent and correct disrespect to have a truly inclusive environment
  • How to include and value those who may not have been traditionally included
  • Appropriate steps to take when problematic allegations are made
  • Diversity dinosaurs. What to do with those individuals who just "don't get it."
  • How and why diversity programs fail

Who Will Benefit

  • HR Generalists
  • HR Managers
  • HR Directors
  • HR Business Partner
  • Employee Relations
  • Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Store Managers
  • Management
  • Business Owners
  • Department Managers
  • Employee Relations Personnel
  • Training Personnel
  • Trainers
  • Director of Training
  • Supervisors


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