In this webinar, learn the best practices for avoiding common unfair labor practices (ULPS). It covers the many issues/challenges involved with impasse; bundling/packaging; internal and external influences; mediation; ratification; communicating during the final stages and post-agreement strategies; publication of the agreement and post negotiation training.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • The elements and use of the following skills and strategies

    • Persuasive Capacity
    • The Art of Questions
    • Yes, No and the “Yes Habit”
    • Agendas (both apparent and hidden)
    • Dealing with Denial
    • Positional v Interest Bargaining (IBB)
    • Bundling/packaging

    What can (and probably might) go wrong and how to fix it.

    • Impasse
    • Mediation
    • Interest Arbitration
    • Ratification
    • Communication Glitches

    Publication of the Agreement


Who Will Benefit

  • All level managers, supervisors, and executives.
  • All Levels of both in-house and outside counsel.
  • All levels of Union representation and officers (stewards, Business Representatives, Business Managers, Presidents, and all officers/ board members).
  • All levels of Human Resources.


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