There is no doubt just about EVERYBODY is stressed today. People feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and are dropping out of the rat race at record levels. According to mental health experts, at least 18% of the workforce suffers from a mental health disability on any one day. Drug overdoses, suicides, domestic violence, workplace violence, and burnout, are all going up. Gallup says more than two-thirds of the workforce remain “disengaged”.  Bottom-line, it’s not a pretty picture and many of your employees, maybe even you, need help!

In this program, veteran att orney Don Phin is going to share what he has learned helping many clients navigate managing and accommodating workplace mental health challenges.  You will learn where the law is involved and what other resources are available to you and your workforce. 

Area Covered In The Webinar

In this program Don will discuss:

1. The current status of the workplace mental health challenge.  

2. Different types of mental health challenges.

3. Preventative and supportive strategies.

4. Where the law gets involved.

5. Accommodating and supporting mental health disabilities and limitations.

6. Working through accommodation requests and dialogue. Leave as accommodation.

7. FMLA and mental health.

8. Workers Comp and mental health.

8. Great resources for you and your employees. 

All attendees receive a copy of the report Mental Health at Work: Strategies to Remain Caring, Productive, and Compliant as well as an Accommodation Worksheet. 

Who Will Benefit

Human Resource Manager, Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Partner, Human Resource Consultant


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Don Phin is a California attorney, strategist, and coach. He has done workshops for more than 6000 CEO’s about HR practices and emotional intelligence. Don was the founder and President of HR That W Know More

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