More than fifteen states have passed medical marijuana laws, and more are on the way. Even if your state does not have current marijuana legislation, a clear understanding of the present status of marijuana and medical marijuana under the federal and state laws is essential. This course will offer participants a broad overview of the proposed regulatory model for medical marijuana laws and drug testing policies, using case laws to illustrate the same.

Areas Covered In The Webinar

  • The history of, and discussion about, marijuana legalization in the United States
  • The proposed regulatory model for medical marijuana laws
  • Marijuana and drug testing policies
  • Medical marijuana and the ADA
  • Case law and case studies
  • Best practices
  • Why should you attend?

    In stark contrast to the “Just Say No” 1980’s, the past two years has seen an explosion of medical marijuana legislation. Now, more than fifteen states have legislation or proposed legislation to legalize the use of this Class 1 banned drug. With a variety of laws addressing disabilities, illnesses and medication effects, it is critical for employers in all states to understand the impact of medically prescribed marijuana on not only drug testing policies, but also on medical effects under the ADA.

    This webinar will discuss marijuana legalization in the United States, and detail its history and evolution with relevant case studies, illustrated by employment law expert Deirdre Kamber.

    Who Will Benefit

  • HR Directors
  • Business Directors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Employee Relations Professionals
  • Employment Managers/Specialists

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    Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq., has been practicing healthcare and employment law for more than twenty years. Following her distinguished master’s degree from the University of Limerick, in Limerick, Irel Know More

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