Course "If It's True That Actions Speak Louder Than Words, What Is Your Team Really Saying?" has been pre-approved by HRCI as eligible for 1.5 credits towards a participant's recertification upon full completion.

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Evolved leaders spend time to get specific before they delegate anything and they know how to verify their communication was received.  They spend time observing their employees and cheering on the specific behaviors that drive results.  They monitor their own facial expression and their nonverbal communication mindfully and deliberately to reinforce their message. Their actions match their words and this lifts the morale of the whole team.  

The workshop topics are:

  • Mastering Nonverbal Communication: Cultivating team awareness of facial expressions, posture, actions and intentions so that they  
  • Turning Attitudes Around: Using observed behavior to give feedback and gaining agreement.  Identifying the actions and behaviors that show unwillingness or indifference. 
  • Being Specific: Get everyone on the same page by communicating in pictures, asking questions for clarification, and setting deadlines for completion.
  • Rules of Engagement: Establish the behaviors, values and actions that build teamwork while respectfully honoring differences and other points of view.  Establish consequences of breaking these rules and the path to getting back on track.
  • Build Trust & Teamwork: Everyone is valued and respected and they enjoy learning from each other. They see that their point of view is heard and they each are making a difference. 

We have been transforming hundreds of workplaces for over 3 decades and with that experience we know there is a great advantage to have an outside perspective to guide the way. Our cultural agility solutions will equip your Leaders. Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads with a clear path, empower your people and can create competitive advantage for your business. We help identify, define, and achieve core values and behaviors that deliver extraordinary results.  

Tap into our proven framework and build a dynamic culture for high-speed collaboration, innovation and performance

Area Covered In The Webinar

In this workshop you will experience practical and profound communication tools and strategies that you use in every area of your life.  You can invite your team to join you or you can take this back and implement it with your team.  Some of the topics are:

  • What is your facial expression YELLING into the field around you and affecting your team and your customers? 
  • How to drain the “negativity swamp” without you triggering emotions.
  • What can you do to make your environment consistently positive?
  • How to establish Rules of Engagement to show respect and to build high levels of trust on the team.
  • How to “walk your talk” to earn credibility, respect and show your character. 
  • Boost your workplace culture so you can attract and keep the best talent.
  • How to create this engagement and inclusion with your disbursed or hybrid work teams.
  • How to reinforce your healthy culture with daily communication and collaboration.

Why should you attend?

If you have struggled with miscommunication, broken promises or dissention on your team, this is a perfect time to add a set of advanced communication tools to your leadership toolkit.  If you had the power to turn your employee’s attitudes around, observe behavior without judging and be crystal clear when you delegate so you are delighted with the results, how would it impact your life?

Here’s one example. Do you know what percentage of our communication is nonverbal? You may gasp when you learn that 93% is nonverbal and only 7% is verbal!  So when it comes to communication why do we rely on language instead of using the rest of our communication toolbox?  

We will show you how to tap into the “underlying conversation” you have when you are communicating with everyone.  You will see why it is so easy to make assumptions and get disappointed.  You will discover how to get on the same page with your employees so trust will build on your team!  You will also have simple and profound tools to “walk your talk” and earn respect as a leader..  

With over three decades of partnering with clients to create sustainable business cultures and structuring their organizations to produce empowered “stakeholders” we have proven tools and strategies. Tap into our wealth of resources!!

Who Will Benefit

  • CEO’s
  • COO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers 
  • Field Supervisors
  • Team Leaders


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