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Great companies find opportunities in chaos, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has created nearly 2 years of chaos in the United States and around the world, there are some notable silver linings. One of the most impactful—in terms of the sheer number of people affected—is the shift to widespread remote work. Millions of employees across a variety of industries have spent months and months working remotely, and by and large, employers have not seen the precipitous drop in productivity many feared.

While remote work has certainly been a boon to the countless employees who love the flexibility and convenience of working from home, employers also benefit from the ability to hire workers from virtually anywhere in the world, or at least the country. This opens up a massively expanded talent pool from which to recruit new team members, which may be particularly crucial for companies struggling through the labor market woes of the Great Resignation.

While many companies have seen their revenue numbers climb during the pandemic, their growth is severely limited by the ability to hire and retain talent. And without the ability to grow the workforce, added pressures are placed on existing employees exacerbating the retention problem. To better understand jobseekers' wants and needs, we turn to expert Don Phin for a brand-new virtual Master Class that will uncover the latest strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Implement informed hiring decisions,
  • Utilize employee referral programs that work,
  • Understand how to work with recruiting agencies, contractors, and RPOs to find the best talent,
  • Assess and correct interview techniques,
  • Understand why the 90-day plan is important and how to conduct a 90-day assessment,
  • Calculate the true costs of employee turnover,
  • Spend money wisely when trying to engage and retain employees,
  • Deal with poor performers and how to terminate them gracefully,
  • And more!


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Don Phin is a California attorney, strategist, and coach. He has done workshops for more than 6000 CEO’s about HR practices and emotional intelligence. Don was the founder and President of HR That W Know More

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