Bad attitudes, jealousy, and disruptive behavior will sabotage morale, lower self-esteem while reducing teamwork and productivity. When toxic behavior infects an organization at any level, managers may be tempted to ignore it or give in, absolutely the wrong thing to do, and tolerating it is not a solution.

This session will show you how to neutralize gossip and put a system in place to ensure it does not re-occur, starting with that of Zero Tolerance and workplace reprimands. The destructive effects of blaming others, griping, pessimism and of always passing the buck need to be stopped as soon as possible. This information loaded webinar will show you how to keep emotional control and tame disruptive and destructive behavior.

Trust and engagement matters. This topic has evolved over the years based on first-hand experience building, managing and supporting businesses at many levels as well as working with corporate clients and associations for 28 years on their real issues. From all that experience, it has become evident that when you do not control bad behavior, your reputation and business success suffers. With all the news the past few years of these topics, this addresses the why and the how to control it, people, their education and your leadership success.

Learning Objectives

  • How managers inadvertently reward negative and destructive behaviors
  • The steps you need to act on in order to keep total control of the situation
  • The four types of problem employees there can be and how they become a problem
  • How to turn around the gossip, gab and the grapevine to create more empowered employees
  • How to tell when someone is lying to you and how to confront them on it
  • When to focus on the behavior you see and not the attitude behind it
  • How to identify all the forms of bullying there are that you need to control
  • Learn which topics should not be talked about at work
  • How to stop the rumor mill before it gets started with a policy of transparency
  • Why people want to ‘push your buttons’ by their off-side or inappropriate comments
  • The D.I.S.C. Personality Profile – that teaches how people do what they do - good or bad
  • How to control the unwritten rules of the office that becomes the negative culture to discipline
  • How to adopt great techniques to use when employees blame others or deny responsibility

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who has to deal with difficult people, stress, complaints, bad attitudes, resignations, disciplining and promotions.


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