The need for tactical human resources tasks will probably never go away, but this doesn’t mean that this is where the growth and value of HR ends.

In today’s competitive business environment, people management at all levels of an organization needs to be more strategic and evidence-based. Now is the time for HR to rise above its role as the keeper of short-term, compliance-related duties and begin to intentionally contribute to the overall strategic success of their companies.

The path from tactical to strategic is not an easy one. We as HR practitioners need to get out of our own way, put together a clear vision for where and how we can best contribute, and deliver business value in ways that we have not done so before.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Understand the current and future business environment and workforce dynamics that are impacting the need for more strategic HR 
  • Clarify the gap in value-added strategic HR vs. short-term, tactical HR
  • Discover the differentiators of the 3 levels of HR value to organizations: HR management through strategic business partner
  • Uncover the key obstacle that holds back any HR organization from being taken seriously as a strategic business team
  • Enumerate 7 critical steps toward becoming a true HR strategic partner

Why should you attend?

Human resources is often perceived as a function that addresses the tactical, reactive, compliance-related, and short-term responsibilities of an organization. As a group, it is not taken seriously and is sometimes relegated to a party-planning role or an employee-facing entity charged with routine activities such as benefits enrollment, required training, and hiring/orientation.

Of course, these responsibilities are necessary and important in any company. However, potential exists for human resources to add strategic value – and the time to do so is now.

In today’s dynamic business environment, the need to lead and guide critical business strategic initiatives require innovative people-related strategies. These strategies must support and integrate with other departmental and the overarching business strategies. 

As you look towards the future growth of your company, are you clear on how to add strategic value by leveraging everything that HR knows and has to offer? Do you know what steps to take to achieve full strategic (and contributing) partner status within your organization?

Join us for this course to understand what it takes to be a strategic HR partner, including the steps to get you there.

Who Will Benefit

  • Human resources leaders and professionals (all levels) 
  • Human resources leaders that know, want and need to become more strategic in their respective roles
  • Talent management professionals, including recruiters
  • Executive-level leaders who desire a more robust and value-added HR function in their organizations


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